Harvard, You’re Not Helping

The hallowed halls and reputation of the institution is … no, SHOULD be taking a hit of late. From guest professors, to admissions lawsuits, to continued cases of predictable medical fraud. What is going on?

It’s nothing new. It appears to just be another “norm” being shattered, another expectation of excellence being chipped away piece by piece. It’s depressing and unconscionable.

This week it became public that once again, their cardiology lab faced yet another instance of fraud. A widely lauded cardiologist doing research was found to have fabricated his results. His researched was not verified, his studies not checked, his co-authors not involved.

Put aside the defenses that suggest they couldn’t possibly know the intricacies of the work the “genius” did, because that excuse didn’t work for them in the past. In the 1980s they faced a near EXACT scandal (cardiac cancer then vs. cardiac stem cells now), and have once again, demonstrated that they have done nothing to prevent this, instead focusing on the pharmaceutical funding and the prestige.

Let’s face it, you likely didn’t hear about this latest instance of fraud, nor the previous ones (there have been multiple over the years!), but they certainly reaped the financial benefits that “a little bad press” doesn’t hurt too much.

But it does hurt. It hurts all of us.

Instances of medical research fraud directly affect each and every individual on the face of this earth. Aside from the potential harm done to patients, it chips away at the confidence and validity of ALL medical research. It’s why we have anti-vaxxers and outbreaks of measles and now polio-like illnesses. It’s why we have grown, educated adults claiming climate change isn’t real.

Every instance of scientific fraud is a crime against humanity, a crime against ethics, a crime against decency.

The individuals involved will be fine. Sure, their careers may take longer to get into the million-dollar salary ranges (and may involve cheating others out of stock to get what they feel they deserve), but in the end, they’re fine, even successful, as a direct result of their cheating, lying. But in the end, their behavior contributes to the demise of others, including the planet.

Well done, boys. Hope it was all worth it.

Read the NYTimes article here:
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Take As Needed

These three words are dangerous to a large part of the population, those who are raised and encouraged to be productive and deliver when called on. And when we think of the opiod epidemic through the lens of prescription drug abuse, we often overlook these people as playing a role in the issue. But are we ignoring a significant supply chain in it?

“She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper”

Mick Jagger wrote those lyrics the year I was born. For half a century we sang them, but did we hear them? Did we listen? Are we still not listening?

Let me tell you a story I heard, a story about a mother, who rightfully needed help.
I’m told I met her once, but I don’t know her name. I did not speak with her very long, as I’m sure many don’t, because it was so depressing, and my ego, which now and again likes to pull over and take a rest in self-pity, could not withstand the guilt as I watched this woman function in society having faced more than one person possibly could.

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Bridging the Divide

We hear the word Empathy a lot, more so these days. But do you know what it means? Do you know what it entails?

What is Empathy?

Let’s start with what it isn’t.

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Time for Some #Winning

Yes, there IS sexism where you work. You are just blind to it. 

Several years ago I had lunch with a long time friend, who happens to be a male. We’ve known each other for decades, and he’s someone I respect not only as a good person and friend, but as a professional in the shared overall industry and area we work in.

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Late in the Evening

As I sat at my desk finishing up a project, the lights dimmed a bit. He walked over to me and began to massage my shoulders, and gently asked how much longer I’d be.

“I’m close, almost done with this section, then I’ll call it a night.”

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Protesting is Patriotic

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” ― Harry Truman

Putting aside the statements from the President of the United States calling a citizen a ‘son of a bitch’, his previous tweets about POTUS involvement when it was another president, let’s take a look at what hoopla is all about.


What it means

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Rose Garden Dread

Mark Kasowitz, Trump's LawyerOn a stunningly perfect Friday afternoon, as the day was drawing to an early close, he sat sat down at the desk to finish up loose ends. In the background the news was on, providing both the distraction noise to remain focused, and the link to the world , just in case something happened.

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Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power

We watch TV, movies, where scripts clearly and definitely lay out evidence, behaviors, stagings to ensure we get the message loud and clear. The goal of those are to provide the audience with a clear, clear message, from start to finish, without too much distraction and confusion.

Life isn’t like that. Life isn’t scripted.

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