Yes, I felt it.

It’s like a college frat party with everyone asking “did ya feel it?” Yes. Yes I did. But I’ve felt better. #earthquake

~LJ, 8/23/11

This has been an alternating amusing and annoying day. Amusing with all the GOOD comments about the earthquake, and annoying about all the expected ones. The expected ones are all on the news. The good ones are mostly mine. (So I’m biased, this is my blog. Get your own if you don’t like it.)

Yes, it was surprising. Here in the Philly area it shook our windows, desks and the weird stuff hanging from the ceiling that is supposed to be “industrial warehouse design” but honestly we just think it’s leftover stuff they didn’t take down. It was strange. Odd. But nothing broke, no one was hurt. Almost immediately after it stopped, or started to stop for those who are insensitive and didn’t feel the slowly tapering off tremors, the jokes began. It could be that it’s how many of us relate to fear or the unknown. It could also be because Twitter (the official news source of the immediate) hadn’t confirmed it yet. As we waited to find out what it was (some folk are married kinfolk), where it was,and if it was coming back, we traded one liners, stories and cell phones so people could call to make sure their relatives were ok.

It was a nice time. We laughed, we bonded. Then 6 minutes later we remembered we had work to do and we went back in and forgot about it, for the most part. On and off though someone would crack a joke or make a comment about it, but it wasn’t until the drive home that I really got to enjoy the humor in it all. The obsessiveness of it was amusing. I remember thinking how California must be laughing at us, but I had no idea how long it would last until I started watching the news. It’s as if the stock market didn’t improve, as if the rebels didn’t take over Ghaddafi’s compound. It’s as if nothing else happened other than a relatively minor wave, causing little or no damage or injury. But it didn’t stop the obsession.

So here are some of the lines, reactions I had and heard to todays “biggest earthquake in Philadelphia in 114 years.” The shake of the century.

First, from others:

DC Earthquake Damage

  • from @katespencer on twitter: Dear sassy California people: Now might be a good to remind you that you freak out WHEN IT RAINS.
  • from @thetweetofgod on twitter: There was just a 5.8 earthquake in Washington. Obama wanted it to be 3.4, but the Republicans wanted 5.8, so he compromised.
  • From my sister-in-law in VA who is celebrating her husband’s birthday: “My sincere appreciation for all those today who stopped for a bit to feel the Earthquake I ordered up to celebrate my wonderful husband’s Birthday! It was the perfect gift since he moves me like no other! I love you Tom ♥”
  • and his ever-so-perfect response: “I hoping for some some aftershocks tonight”

Here’s some of mine:

  • It wasn’t an earthquake, it was Obama throwing stuff around looking for the spine he misplaced.
  • It was as if all at once kids everywhere threw a temper tantrum and said no, we’re NOT going back to school.
  • Dammit, if mercury won’t get out of retrograde we might as well get in synch with it.
  • After getting off the phone with my husband a co-worker asked if he felt it. I said nah, he’s a guy, he’s not that sensitive.
  • The earth moved just enough to give us a new perspective. Turns out this one sucks, too.
  • The news anchor said “An earthquake hit the east coast, rattling buildings, homes and nerves.” Really? They use INTERNS to write their lines?

The following statements were released after the earthquake that shook Washington DC and much of the eastern seaboard (note: I made up the following fake quotes, they aren’t real,  … at least I hope):

  • S&P: “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah. We were right, you ARE on shaky ground.”
  • Perry: “See, I told you so.”
  • Bachmann: “When I’M president we will not have these types of socialist volcano issues.”
  • Christine O’Donnell: “No. For the last time. I do NOT know a spell to stop this.”
  • Boehner: “Does anyone have a tissue?”
  • Weiner: “I rocked DC better.”
  • Trump: “That’s MY earthquake. I own it. I created it.”
  • Al Sharpton: “African Americans felt this earthquake more.”
  • Rush Limbaugh: “It’s God’s way of telling NY that gays should not marry.”
  • Obama: “The path to economic recovery is bumpy.”
  • Wall Street: “The earthquake shook the stocks off their peaks today.”
  • Ann Coulter: “Pussies. I make you shake more just by showing up.”

I’m quite sure I’ll be adding more as the time passes, so be sure to subscribe to this post AND the blog!! And add your own comments here, too!


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