Happy Place

Happy Place:  We all have one. It’s that place in our minds we go where everything is better. Religious folks call it prayer, holistic followers call it the place of peace, psychics call it someone else’s crap. For many though, it’s a plan,  a plan for the dreams we still cling.

I have one. I even have a full business plan written out for it. I have not acted on it. Well, that’s not entirely true, I have made purchases towards it, I have followed through with further training, I have researched it ad nausea. But I haven’t actually committed to it.

Some wonderful, well-meaning folks would say it’s because of self-doubt, others would say it’s a lack of commitment, still others would say it’s fear. And everyone of them would (ok, has, in their lovely patronizing tones complete with condescending smirks) would be dead wrong. I know, because I know the reason why it’s still a dream, written out in extensive detail, and not a reality.

It’s because of the response of the ones that matter: funding and lending sources.

You see, the folks who have reviewed the business and marketing plan have been very impressed, and interested. The problem is, I have one small detail that makes them uncomfortable. They do not feel that the initial funding source of PowerBall is all that reliable.

Having recently spent time in my Happy Place, I have come up with a plan for an alternate source of funding, and I think it’s GENIUS. I’ve decided to start a class-action lawsuit-like collections program for college graduates.

Now before you get all smug on me and say hah, people have already done that, fighting these colleges and universities for breach of contract for lying about support and career services, and inappropriate involvement with loan organizations, save it, that’s not the spin,  simpleton grasshoppers.

No, I would be a services consultant, working with those less unfortunate, those most deserving, of my services. I would meet with the individuals and work with them to have their tuition refunded, based on merit.

Now of course signing folks on directly would be difficult, since most wouldn’t realize they are deserving, so my approach would be to reach out to their co-workers and bosses, for referrals.

And I wouldn’t begin with the obvious. No, I would begin with the low hanging fruit. There would be no chance of dodging the bullet, because these schools are known for their weeder application processes, their difficult preliminary courses, and their thorough preparation for graduation. I would start at the top.

The first 5 on my list include:

  1. Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania
  2. Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern
  3. Fuqua School of Business at Duke
  4. Harvard Business School
  5. and wherever your idiotic co-worker went

These institutions charge exorbitant tuition and demand utter dedication to their programs. They claim to have the best and the brightest, and to produce unparalleled performers in the fields they are trained in. But they don’t. These institutions bestowed degrees that claim to denote accomplishment and excellence, meeting the stringent requirements to fulfill the requirements of their program.

It’s a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, and I’ll stand up and be the child to point out how wrong they are. Their “wardrobe” of graduates is not elegant, refined, or exceptional.

In fact, in addition to tuition reimbursements, they should pay pain and suffering to those who are around their finished products.

So if you have any referrals, just drop me a note in the comments section. And be sure to pass this along to others. Help a gal find the funding for her Happy Place dream.


About Laurissa Doonan

I'm a marketer. I've been a professional marketer for over 25 years, but in reality, I have always been one. Marketing to me is about communicating effectively, regardless of platform, regardless of channel. Marketing is understanding both your objectives and your audience, and finding the right method and message for your customers to reach them where they are. Now I dedicate my efforts to helping very small and small companies pursue their passions and grow their businesses through marketing; providing agency trained expertise without the overhead. www.Charter-Marketing.com www.CharterMarketing.wordpress.com
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