My Favorite Red Shoes

I have this pair of red dansko shoes that have black laces and it’s a strange thing that happens every time I wear them: people seem to have no inhibitions on commenting about them. I take a lot of crap for these shoes of mine. I love these shoes. They are one of the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn. And they’re red.

Everyone should have a pair of comfortable red shoes that they adore. These also make me just a little bit taller, without futzing with balancing on a heel. They make me taller to stand up yo those with no compunction about telling me they don’t like them. Ya know what? I don’t care. I didn’t get them for you.

Today a stranger gushed to me. She just HAD to know what kind they were because she said they looked like the best shoes ever. If I were that kind of person I would have hugged her. She’s going to try to find a pair. They’re discontinued, but she liked the idea that they’re comfortable, durable, red, but also liked that they kinda annoy other people.

I hope she finds them. I love my red dansko shoes.


About Laurissa Doonan

I'm a marketer. I've been a professional marketer for over 25 years, but in reality, I have always been one. Marketing to me is about communicating effectively, regardless of platform, regardless of channel. Marketing is understanding both your objectives and your audience, and finding the right method and message for your customers to reach them where they are. Now I dedicate my efforts to helping very small and small companies pursue their passions and grow their businesses through marketing; providing agency trained expertise without the overhead.
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