Steve Jobs as Icarus

Steve Jobs was the only person who made Donald Trump look humble.

It’s difficult to say that I don’t like a man who has passed, one I never met, but he made an empire and position for himself in life that opened himself up to public scrutiny. And in my opinion, in building his empire and leaving his mark, he brought humanity and culture down a notch, and divided a world unnecessarily.

I’m not talking about the division of Mac vs. PC people, Apple vs. Microsoft. Good competition made by talented people who are pushed further is good in developing technologies, thinking and advancement. He definitely did that, at least in the beginning of this revolution of personal computer and it’s spin-offs. But then he stopped. And he created a new vision.

I don’t like Steve Jobs, and I don’t like his company. I also don’t like his products for the most part, even though I do own and use an iPod. I don’t like what he created after the veritable personal space war with Bill Gates essentially ended. Sure, in the 90’s when I was coding pages during the Explorer/Netscape wars I cursed Bill Gates and his company for their pettiness, and I again cursed him during his upgrades and ME fiascos. But those fiascos made me better, made me develop work-arounds, and make me work harder and smarter. Steve Jobs just made us stupid.

Steve Jobs created generations of people who are lazy because of his “intuitive” designs, because of his sleek products. He put design over function, at the expense of function, and turned generations of people into elitist hypnotoid cult followers. And he promoted arrogance and meanness. And his designs were not ingenius, they are merely drug visions of simplicity and smooth lines. They’re nothing new. Nature makes that sort of thing all the time, it’s called erosion.

As a corporate, and self-appointed cultural leader, he lead by example, showing people that his way was the only way, that he did things for himself, not for others. He created a demand for a series of products that served no need at the time, and he created a desire that people believed was a need for his snake oil.

I’m honestly surprised he didn’t set up his corporate offices in River City! He made fools out of everyone, and but unlike Harold Hill, Steve Jobs believed his own hype. He fell victim to his own bullshit and lies, and drank his own Kool Aid.

But his products, you may argue, brought technology to many who didn’t have it or couldn’t use it before. Bullshit. The simplicity of his products dumbs down the human race, makes thinking unnecessary and atrophies the brain and senses. It increases the expectation of easy solutions and incessant consumerism. People are not stupid, but Steve Jobs made them think it’s ok to be asshat lazy.

Stupidity and laziness is not elegant. Even if you’re a rich person who insists on getting only Apple products and always upgrading. You like those because they make you feel elitist in your arrogance and laziness. You like products that are solutions to problems that didn’t exist before. You like them only because they’re expensive, not because they work better. They don’t. They just seem like they do because they’re always new … there’s always a new one.

(You’re the same people who think that Apple is gaining customers every quarter. Sorry you lovely “smart” people out there. It’s mainly the same customer base each quarter, since you all have to buy the latest shiniest trophy, and you’re so blinded by the glint off the smooth edges that you fail to notice the releases are timed perfectly to gain needed bumps before their reportings. But good for you, you have, well the NEW iPad. And yes, yes it is shiny and pretty.)

But lets go further. Steve Jobs is a selfish man. Putting aside his arrogance that he could beat deadly cancer and refusing life-saving surgery, which is his right, he is a selfish man because by doing so he only thought of himself. He left a wife without a husband, children without a father, and a company and following without their cult leader. Because of his ego.

Also because of his ego, and getting back at whoever tormented him when he was 7, he didn’t share. He kept his money to himself and Apple. Even when his own company turned on him, he made a deal with who he considered the Devil (Gates) to get it back on it’s feet upon his return. He is always about his ego, at any cost.

And it shows. There is no corporate good citizenship displayed anywhere in his lore. There may be some, but that it’s not shown demonstrates his own arrogance and refusal to take responsibility for being a leader and a role model. Lead by example, and that’s what he did. He doesn’t care about his customers, communities or fellow human beings.

He doesn’t support philathropy, he doesn’t support learning. (Apple in schools is a business decision, not demonstrative of educational support. If it were there would be more and better educational programs that run on apple products.)

And people follow. They follow his lead. They follow what they were shown works: greed, arrogance, deprecating (which means insulting, by the way, and is not a synonym for depreciation which is an entirely different word), absolute selfishness, and an uncontrolled ego. That brought incomprehesible success to Steve Jobs and his empire. It worked for that.

But Steve Jobs is dead. He is dead because he thought he literally could outsmart cancer. Ego is not intuitive or elegant.

Icarus was wrong.


About Laurissa Doonan

I'm a marketer. I've been a professional marketer for over 25 years, but in reality, I have always been one. Marketing to me is about communicating effectively, regardless of platform, regardless of channel. Marketing is understanding both your objectives and your audience, and finding the right method and message for your customers to reach them where they are. Now I dedicate my efforts to helping very small and small companies pursue their passions and grow their businesses through marketing; providing agency trained expertise without the overhead.
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2 Responses to Steve Jobs as Icarus

  1. All I can say is “Damn good post!”
    Or wait, for those of you who preferred the pre-Jobs world, here it is in DOS –
    {{{[[[///////////D(capital)a[l/c]m[l/c]n[l/c] _http;//space”Good”{backspace to good macro}; p[l/c]o[l/c]s[oy]t[as in Timmy.
    Press control/alt/delete/escape/tilde to insert irony

  2. LJ says:

    Jobs didn’t invent wysiwig word processing. You’re thinking the comodore 64 again.

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