An open Letter to James Comey:


Hey, Jim, can I call you Jim?

Look, we need to talk. Look, we all know you’re undoubtedly a really smart, capable guy with a serious attention to detail, and a desire to do the job thoroughly and fairly. But you’re not superman, you can’t do everything on your own.

Over the past several months when you’ve chosen to make yourself more public, rightly or wrongly, you’ve exposed a need within your office. You need to trust those in your employ to help you find the right words.

You showed it in your prepared remarks in July, and again today. Now, it doesn’t have to be difficult, just say the words you mean.

You specifically said you didn’t want to be misunderstood, but guess what, you totally owned that. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

I could question your ability and go on and give examples, or be vague and unintentionally disparaging, or, I could use specifics and detail, and be brief and to the point.

You. Suck. At. Writing.

Your actions have brought to life as an example of exactly what Mark Twain referenced when he said:

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”



About Laurissa Doonan

I'm a marketer. I've been a professional marketer for over 25 years, but in reality, I have always been one. Marketing to me is about communicating effectively, regardless of platform, regardless of channel. Marketing is understanding both your objectives and your audience, and finding the right method and message for your customers to reach them where they are. Now I dedicate my efforts to helping very small and small companies pursue their passions and grow their businesses through marketing; providing agency trained expertise without the overhead.
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