Positivity and the Comey Hearing

We are about 24 hours away from what is being billed as a pre-summer blockbuster, which undoubtedly will disappoint both sides. I choose to be positive, and allow my inner nerd revel in the nuance of language that will be used, as adults from both sides of the panel offer in posturing, showing their loyalties in their questions. Are they loyal to country? Constituents? Party? Self?

Of course we want him to say

“ya know what, as I sit here there are 72 people being arrested, and one being removed for further neurological testing in a secure, penal facility.”

Of course he can’t live up to that.

But … I let my imagination take me to my happy place (don’t you DARE mock my coping skills!) and project how part will go.

Panel: under what circumstances do you make contemporaneous memos?

Comey: ” in situations where there is important information, or where there are significant potential breaches of ethics or law.”

P: “did you make any after meetings with Trump?”

C: Yes.

P: How many times?

C: each and every time, so that would be … um, (holds up fingers, starts to count, moves on to next hand) I believe 32.

P: And how many of those were due to important information.

C: None.

P: Did Trump ask you to stop the investigation into Flynn?

C: Yes.

P: Did he ask if he himself was under investigation?

C: Yes.

P: Did you tell him he wasn’t.

C: No.

P: Why not.

C: Because it’s a breach of ethics and protocol.

P: Does that mean he’s not under investigation.

C: No.

P: Is he under investigation.

C: I have been advised by Mueller not to comment on that.

P: So when he said you told him he wasn’t under investigation he was lying?

C: I did not tell him he wasn’t under investigation. He asked, I told him I could not answer.

P: Did he lie when he said that?

C:I do know he further pursued the question and received the actual answer.

P: Did he lie when he said he was not under investigation.

C: Yes.

P: Ok, moving on from the the #TrumpRussia discussion, has Trump been under federal investigation before he was president, before he was a candidate?

C: I’m sorry, you’ll have to clarify that.

P: In relation to money laundering and his casinos.

C: Yes.

P: When was that.

C: Uh, I would have to check the notes, but I believe since 1983.

P: Was in resolved?

C: Uh, it is difficult for me to answer that … can you rephrase the question please.

P: Yes, has Trump previously been under federal investigation relating to money laundering as it relates to casinos that have resulted in closed cases.

C: Yes.

P: When was the last one.

C: 2015.

P: And what was the outcome. The Trump Casino, which he was still a part owner of, was found guilty of money laundering over the period of 10 years prior to that, when his ownership stake fluctuated and was reduced upon learning of the investigation, and in the end, was found guilty and forced to pay a fine upwards of $10MM.

P: So he has a history of money laundering and connections that would presumably extend to his other conspirators involved in that case?

C: Yes.

P: And where there Russian Oligarchs involved in that case?

C: Yes.

P: Do you see a pattern of behavior that has ceased to exist in this capacity as it relates to Trump?

C: Uh, well, uh, as a private citizen, no.

(I don’t get out much and make up my own happy places in my mind.)


About Laurissa Doonan

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