The Best Video Ever

Because we all aspire to be this confident!

This is an oldie, but a goodie, and it still amazes me that this is my own kid.


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1994: The Year of the Real Bankruptcy

1994 The Real Bankruptcy

1994 was the year Donald Trump broke, when the real personal bankruptcy took place, changing the course for the future; his and ours.

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A Woke Introvert

A Woke Introvert

“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.”    ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

As I sit i the coffee shop waiting to meet with a woman from a network group I belong to I comb through my Twitter feed to see if anything interesting is going on. It is, of course, everywhere, in big ways and small, but nothing really grabbed my interest.

My morning habits have changed since the election. Instead of heading directly to Facebook to be shown my “memories” in the morning, and catch up on friends’ updates as I’d done in the past, I’ve switched over to news sites as my first stop sometime during the election.

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Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

Big Brother Isn't Watching You

Big Brother Probably Isn’t Watching You

You’re Just Not That Interesting


OMG, did you hear? The CIA spies on people.
OMG, that’s out-RA-geous.

It’s been a busy news week, but of course, most have been over the last 2 years, as we’re hit left, right, and center with an onslaught of information, news, events, leaks, interpretations, lies, and conspiracy theories. Which one gets the attention is YOUR choice.

One that certainly got attention is the one that scares the bejeebus out of most people, because, frankly, we’re insanely self-centered. That’s the one about Big Brother watching, through your television, your phone, and “wire tapping”, brought to you by the data dump leak of spy tactics and tools through internet connected devices.

We want our privacy. We demand our privacy. How DARE [insert your preferred scapegoats name] step on my rights as a private individual without my permission!

Um, I’ve got news for you, they didn’t.

Yeah, they had your permission. You probably willingly, happily, and out of convenience, handed over permission.

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Who’s Getting to Know You?

Getting to Know You

Who’s Getting to Know You?

Big Brother? Crazy Cousin? Or Someone else?

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.

We are social beings by nature. We interact with others. In each relationship we build we start by getting to know each other. We start by asking questions, spending time together, and learning more about each other. Gradually we learn what makes each other tick, what we like, how we’ll react to things, and what we need.

Getting to know you,
Putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.

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Integrity matters.

These are frustrating times, but to be honest, they all have been.

Call me naive, tell me I have trust issues, overly high expectations. Tell me I’m too sensitive. Go ahead, I have. I’ve used those words to explain the ways I am accountable for creating my own chaos and frustration.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on working through it. And yet …

I still want to scream and break things when people let me down. Expecting integrity and honesty is not a high expectation. I will not be accountable for others letting me down any more.

Respect, Integrity, Consideration, Honesty.

These are not, should not be, considered too high expectations. 

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I’m > You


I “Know” Things

Get used to hearing this phrase and others like it. If you’re new to this game, let me give you a few of the variations:

  • Other people have said
  • People have asked me
  • I’ve done my own research
  • Look, I have sources you don’t
  • I’ve spoken to people who were there

This is a common tactic used by many who are trying to put themselves in a position of power, to present themselves as someone who is more informed, more worthy of information, more in the know.

They’re not.

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Validation and Hope

Alma Mater

A Season of Triggers

This election season has been devastating. So many of us have watched as examples from our lives flash before us over and over and over again for the world to see. Times when we were always told it was something about us, as individuals, that was a problem, that was wrong, that shouldn’t speak up or out.

The threats, spoken and unspoken, the underlying micro-aggressions and accepted derogatory behavior. No, we’re not playing the woman card, we’re playing the person card. We have a voice, be it shrill or nasty, unsmiling or emotional, it’s a legitimate voice that has validated us.


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